Stunning… 🤩

I know that my blog is very quiet at the moment but I spend the most time with friends and at work so it’s not possible to write something new. Okay I’m also a little bit lazy to write something. But now a new (short) story with pictures…. For the first time in my life„Stunning… 🤩“ weiterlesen

Amazing! Fantastisch! Kanon!

One of many words who describe my life right now. I’m living my dream. Once again these city shows that I’m for the right time at the right place. I really really love it to stay here in Övik. Eines von vielen Wörtern, die mein Leben gerade beschreiben. Ich lebe meinen Traum. Diese Stadt zeigt„Amazing! Fantastisch! Kanon!“ weiterlesen

The Change.

Hej allihopa! Everything is about to change and also my language and the persons who follows me…. The websites change into an international layout because there is a project I’m working with and for all international guests at these website it’s best to describe everything in english! But I also going to write german Blogs.„The Change.“ weiterlesen